Sweep Tone Generator

Frequency Sweep Tone Generator

Generate, play and download any tone sound signals in WAV audio format for free (up to 96khz). Frequency range from 1 to 20000 Hertz (Hz). Free web-tool no install. Take and use!

Click Generate Wave button to start
Start Frequency
End Frequency

1. Generate Wave

Set the start and end frequency. Set the signal duration from 1 to 60 seconds. (creating a long wave may take time). Click the "Generate Wave" button, then an audio audio file will be created

2. Play Sound

Click the "Play Tone" button to listen to the audio audio file that you have generated. Change the frequency and volume parameters of the signal if necessary and update the audio file by clicking on the "Update Wave" button

3. Download Sample

Select the sampling frequency (44.1 kHz by default) and click the "Download" button - the audio file will start downloading. WAV PCM (.wav) format

After making any changes to the frequency generator, it is necessary to update the audio recording

Using our free online web application, you can generate any sound signals from 1 to 20000 Hertz (20 kHz) with an increase or decrease in frequency. Set the desired time, select the waveform (sine, triangle, square, sawtooth) and generate your own sound signal. The resulting audio file can be downloaded to your computer or smartphone. The web tool does not require installation and is completely ready to use!

Example: You can test your hearing by creating a sound wave lasting 1 minute (60 sec.) from 1 to 20000 Hertz and check which is the highest frequency you can hear. Or try our free online hearing test. You can download for free our sweep WAV audio samples of tonal sounds in high quality.

Make your own check sound directly in the browser from your computer or smartphone!

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