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Everything for testing, checking and configuring audio equipment. Free online tools, signal generators, web applications and audio materials for entertainment and working with sound. Make your own check sound directly in the browser from your computer or smartphone!

Use our free metronome app to learn the rhythm when playing musical instruments, use ready-made audio samples of tone sounds to tune musical instruments, use a tool to record voice and sound online, and also take a quick test to check the acuity of your hearing. Try all our tools and web applications. Tell your friends and share a link to our website.

Online Tone Generator

Online Tone Generator

Sound signal generators with an indication of the exact frequency. The operating range is from 1-20000 Hertz. There are 4 waveforms to choose from: sine, square, triangle, sawtooth.

Sweep Tone Generator

Sweep Tone Generator

Online variable frequency tone generator. A simple and free tool for creating tonal sounds with the ability to download in WAV audio format (44/96 kHz). Range from 1 Hz to 20 kHz.

Bass Sound Generator

Bass Sound Generator

Free online generator of low-frequency tone signals. This generator is ideal for testing bass and subwoofer. Frequency range from 1 to 200 Hertz. Try a pure sine wave sound.

Online Metronome

Online Metronome

A simple and free online metronome for accurately setting the desired tempo for recording music or when playing musical instruments. 20 - 250 beats per minute (BPM).

Guitar Tuner Online

Guitar Tuner by Ear

Do you want to learn how to tune a guitar by ear? An online tool for fine tuning acoustic, electric, bass guitar and ukulele by ear. Tune your guitar quickly, for free, without installation and download.

Online Test Stereo

Online Test Stereo (L/R)

A simple and free web application for checking and testing audio channels (L/R). Check the operation and correct connection of your speakers or headphones.

Morse Code Sound

Morse Code Generator

Free online tool for converting text to Morse code with audio playback and download function. Generate any Morse Code sounds quickly using our web-app.

Online Speaker Cleaner

Speaker Cleaner Online

Our simple and free online application helps to remove water, dust and dirt from the speakers of your phone with the help of special sounds of certain frequencies.

Online Hearing Test

Online Hearing Test

Test your hearing with a quick 60-second online test and compare your result with the hearing table. Find out what is the highest frequency of sound you can hear.

Dialing Simulator Online

Dialing Simulator (DTMF)

Dual tone multi frequency tone generator. Use our free online application as a phone dialing simulator. Listen and download the sound to your computer or smartphone in WAV audio format.

Online Spatial Audio Test

Frequency Tuner Online

Free and simple online web application for tuning guitar or other musical instruments using a tone frequency generator. Use the sound standard 440 Hz/432 Hz.

8-bit sound generator

8-Bit Sound Generator

Simple and free online generator of 8-bit sound effects for pc or mobile games. Generate, play, listen and download short SFX files in WAV audio format.

Online Speaker Cleaner

Special Test Tone Sound

Special sound for quick testing of audio equipment. Range 1-20000 Hz.

Online Speaker Cleaner

280 Hertz Tone Sound

They say this sound can work wonders and promotes weight loss. But this is not accurate๐Ÿ˜‰.

Online Speaker Cleaner

Beep DTMF Ringing Tone

The sound when you call someone. You hear that sound every day.

Online Speaker Cleaner

440 Hertz Tone Sound

Perhaps the most famous sound. Can be used as a tuning fork.

Online Speaker Cleaner

Subwoofer Test

Check what your subwoofer is capable of using a special tone sound.

Online Speaker Cleaner

15 kHz Tone Sound

Not everyone will be able to hear this high-frequency sound!