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Play with a sense of rhythm. Simple and free online metronome 20-250 beats per minute (BPM). Free web-tool no install. Take and use!

120 BPM / 4 Beats

Beats per measure:

Practice and improve your rhythm skills when playing guitar and other musical instruments with our free online metronome. To improve your sense of rhythm, start with a slow tempo, gradually raising it to the desired level. Use our metronome as a training tool to increase the speed of the game. Move the slider up or down to adjust the speed of the metronome, or set the tempo manually. Adjust the accent by moving the slider left/right and set the number from 1 to 12 (Default accent is set for every 4th beat). With the "Options" button, you can adjust or turn on/off the volume of the metronome signals. The "Reset settings" button will return the position of all the controls to their original position (120 BPM, 4 Beats).

Try our new project uDrums - Free Drum Loops. More than 1000 drum sounds in different tempos. Can be used as a metronome when playing guitar.

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