Dual-Tone Signal Generator

Dual-Tone Audio Signal Generator

Easy-to-use and free two-channel online audio frequency generator. Create interesting sound effects by combining dual frequencies. Free web-tool no install. Take and use!

Hertz (Hz)
Hertz (Hz)

Simply set the frequency for the left and right channels by moving the scale left/right, or specify the desired values from 1 to 20000 Hertz in the appropriate fields and press Play. You can change the frequency value for the left and right channels right during the signal playback, choosing interesting combinations of two tonal sounds. Experiment by changing frequencies, thereby creating interesting sound effects. You can also download high-quality samples in WAV audio format.

In addition, you can test your headphones (left and right channel) and check their operation at different frequencies. If your headphones reproduce frequencies from 30 Hertz (Hz), set this frequency and you should hear the signal normally.

The web tool does not require installation and is completely ready to use!

Example: Just specify the appropriate frequencies for the left and right channel.

  1. Dial Tone Sound: 350 Hz / 450 Hz
  2. Ringing Tone Sound: 400 Hz / 450 Hz
  3. Busy Tone Sound: 480 Hz / 620 Hz

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