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Frequency (1-999)
Hertz (Hz)
Impact force (1-999)

With the help of our free online modulator, you can quickly and easily create interesting sound effects by combining several particular signals. To start, press the "Modulator" button and add one or more frequencies to the main frequency. By moving the sliders, you can change the sound that is obtained by combining two, three or more frequencies. There are 4 waveforms available - Sine (Default), Square, Triangle and Sawtooth. The range from 1 to 999 Hz is used. To disable visualization, switch the control to the OFF position.

Example: Add to the main wave at 440 Hertz (Default), a "Square" wave with a value of 1 Hertz (Gain 100). You will get an interesting tonal sound, very similar to the siren of an ambulance.

Make your own check sound directly in the browser from your computer or smartphone!

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