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0 Hz

What is the maximum frequency of sound you heard? Compare your result with the data given in the table below

Age Frequency (Hertz)
Children, Teenagers ~ 20000 Hz
20-30 years ~ 18000 Hz
30-40 years ~ 16000 Hz
40-50 years ~ 14000 Hz
50-60 years ~ 12000 Hz
60-70 years ~ 10000 Hz
70-80 years ~ 8000 Hz
80 years and older ~ 6000 Hz

How to quickly test your hearing with our 1 minute online test? For a quick start, just click the "Start Test" button, a special test audio signal with an increasing frequency will be played. Listen to the sound until you catch the signal. At the moment when the sound signal disappears completely, fix its frequency. For example, if at a frequency of 14000 Hertz you no longer hear the sound of the test signal, then your threshold (maximum high frequency) is 14000 Hertz with an error of +/- 200 Hertz. The test is best carried out in complete silence so that extraneous sounds do not interfere with hearing the test signal. Use headphones for a more accurate result.

Remember, our online hearing test does not give a complete and real picture of your hearing. We are just helping to determine what is the maximum frequency of sound you can hear. However, with age, a person is not able to hear high frequencies, while teenagers and young children can hear very high frequencies up to 20000 hertz (20 kHz). Considering your age, compare your result with the hearing table. Take the test several times to more accurately determine the threshold of the audible frequency.

By the way, you can specify the desired sound frequency (for example, specify the frequency of 15000 hertz) using our free online tone generator and test your hearing this way.

Also on our website you can listen online and download for free ready-made tone sounds with different sweep - Sweep Test Tones (WAV)

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