Text to Morse Code Sound

A free online tool for generating Morse Code into sounds. Play and download in WAV format audio. Free web-tool no install. Take and use!

/ Repet Off
After changing the parameters, it is necessary to stop and restart the signal playback
Let. Code
A *-
B -***
C -*-*
D -**
E *
F **-*
G --*
H ****
I **
J *---
K -*-
L *-**
M --
Let. Code
N -*
O ---
P *--*
Q --*-
R *-*
S ***
T -
U **-
V ***-
W *--
X -**-
Y -*--
Z --**
Num. Code
1 *----
2 **---
3 ***--
4 ****-
5 *****
6 -****
7 --***
8 ---**
9 ----*
0 -----
Sym. Code
, --**--
. *-*-*-
? **--**
! -*-*--
: ---***
& *-***
/ -**-*
= -***-
+ *-*-*
@ *--*-*
Morse Code Generator
Screenshot "Morse Code Generator"

Use our free online web application to generate and convert text to Morse Code in the form of an audio signal. Enter the text in the first field, for example, the phrase SOS SOS SOS, after entering, the player is activated, using which you can listen to the resulting audio signal and download the WAV audio file to your computer or smartphone. A Morse code will be generated in the second field. You can copy it by clicking on the "Copy" button.

To change the sound settings, open the "Settings" panel. Here you can adjust the frequency of the sound signal, the volume of the sound, and also specify the speed of typing the Morse code by changing the values in the "Character speed" and "Farnsworth speed" fields. Our tool - quick and easy way to convert text to Morse code sound.

The best practice would be to use a frequency from 600 to 1000 Hertz. The values of "Character Speed" and "Farnsworth Speed" are equal to 20. As an example, you can listen online and download for free SOS Signal Sound in MP3 format.

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