Speaker Cleaner Online Tool

Speaker Cleaner Online Tool

A working and simple online tool for cleaning the speaker from water, dust and dirt using special sounds. A proven way to clean moisture and dust from your iPhone or Android phone - Just take it and use it.

1. Place or hold your smartphone with the speaker facing down

2. Set the maximum volume and turn off the headphones

3. Start a special sound to start cleaning

Configure the tool manually and click "Start Clearing" button. To switch to auto mode, stop playback

Manual Input
Waveform :
Intensity of oscillations:

Turn on special sounds alternately to clear the speaker. To switch to manual mode, stop playback

Speaker Cleaner for Mobile Android App

Take our Speaker Cleaner anywhere - download and install the free Android app. Suitable for main speaker and ear speaker.

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Online Speaker Cleaner
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If you dropped your phone into the water or dust got into it and after that the speaker of your device began to work worse, you can use our free and simple tool for cleaning the speaker of your smartphone. Or if your mobile is playing quietly, or you can't hear the other person well when talking, just try our app. Our tool is fully operational and 100% safe for your smartphone. Use for any iphone and android devices.

The web version of our tool will help you clean your main speaker (loudspeaker). To clean the ear speaker (earpiece), you can download for free and install our Android application - New Speaker Cleaner Android Tool

How to use?

  1. Set the sound volume to maximum
  2. Disconnect the headphones and other Bluetooth devices (the audio signal should go to the main speaker of the smartphone).
  3. Place or hold the device so that the speaker(s) is turned face down.
  4. Select manual or automatic mode.
  5. Start cleaning.
  6. Continue cleaning for at least 1 minute.
In case of heavy contamination, run the cleaning function several times.

Manual mode:
Set the oscillation intensity from 1 to 200 Hertz by moving the slider, setting a value in the field or selecting one of the specified options. Next, select one of the 3 waveform options - Basic, High, Extreme and click "Start Clearing". Experiment and start with low frequencies from 10 to 50 Hertz. If this does not work, increase the oscillation frequency.

Automatic mode:
Turn on specially prepared sounds one by one, following the general instructions. If necessary, repeat the playback, or alternate manual and auto modes to get the maximum effect. Just switch tracks and clear your phone's speaker. In automatic mode, special sounds are used, which by the way can be downloaded for free here

How it work?

Due to the intense vibration of the speaker membrane during the playback of special audio signals of a certain frequency, small particles of dust, dirt and moisture are released. Using such sounds at full volume will help clear the speakers of your smartphone.

If you want to test the sound of your smartphone at a certain frequency from 1 to 20.000 Hertz, open our Audio Signal Generator

What are our differences from the "Fix My Speaker" project and others?
We use our own special audio signals that do a better job of cleaning the speakers from dust, moisture and dirt. Our speaker cleaning sounds are based on pure square and triangular waveform tones. Unlike the sinusoidal waveform, this model copes more effectively with the ejection of any particles from the speakers. We do NOT use the usual loud sounds, which in principle cannot cope with cleaning the speakers. Our tool allows you to manually adjust many parameters that will help you quickly and effectively remove any contamination from the speakers of your smartphone or tablet.

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