Check L/R

Stereo Test Online, L/R Channels Check

Web tools for checking and testing left and right speaker audio channels (L/R). Check your headphones and speaker connection. Free web-tool no install. Take and use!


A simple and free online web application for checking the audio channels of your audio equipment, speakers or headphones. A quick test to check the left and right audio channels (stereo test).

Just click "Play", an audio fragment will be played. Move the dial knob left and right, the sound will change automatically. To play the sound only from the left or right channel, press the corresponding button. This test will help you set up and check the correct connection of audio equipment. Or you can test the performance of your headphones with this simple test.

You can test your headphones using our spatial sounds - Download surround sounds. Audio sample provided by uDrums - Other drum loop sounds.

Make your own check sound directly in the browser from your computer or smartphone!

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